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The time has come for you to organize your team and your playbook. FlagMaster© from McCarty Software Solutions and Rapid Fire Flag Football is the ONLY piece of software you need to run your team. Click here for more information.

NEW! MSS MyISQLW version 1.0.
Yet another quality FREE tool from MSS. MyISQLW allows you to connect to any ODBC compliant database and run SQL statements. Especially useful when dealing with a database system that does not provide a good query tool by default, such as MySQL, a free database system available for many operating systems.
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To get your FREE download, visit the MSS Downloads page.

MSS Web Creator version 2.0 - FULL RELEASE!.
The release version of Web Creator is ABSOULTELY FREE. MSS Web Creator can be used to create, edit and save multiple HTML documents in one editing session. To get your FREE download, visit the MSS Downloads page.

MSS Password Keeper 1.0.
Yet another fabulous FREEWARE offer from MSS. Password Keeper is used to keep track of all those passwords all of us have to remember on a daily basis. How many times have you lost information because you forgot one of your many passwords? If you said "Lots", join the club. Password Keeper provides a single, secure repository for all your passwords. "Secure?" You may ask. Yes, Password Keeper uses the Blowfish encryption algorithm to keep your secret passwords just that...a secret. To get your FREE download, visit the MSS Downloads page.

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